Ammon Joerg

During his studies of physics at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Imperial College London Joerg specialized in quantum optics. Entering the world of Networking and the Internet in 1997, he provided consulting to large customers and Service Providers and helped design, build and operate large and complex data networks. Since 2005 he serves as Principal Systems Engineer for Service Providers at Brocade, where amongst other things he maintains a close relationship to ISPs and IXPs, develops the relationship to Euro-IX and focuses on cloud services and technologies such as SDN and NFV.

Csorba Ferenc

Ferenc Csorba is a Trainer at the RIPE NCC. He graduated from the University of Technology in Vienna with a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering and succesfully completed his CCNA in 2013. Ferenc is responsible for the ongoing development of the RIPE Database Training Course. He gives training courses throughout Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia on a number of topics, including: Local Internet Registries (LIR), IPv6, and the Routing Registry. He also gives presentations at conferences and industry events. Ferenc speaks English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian and intermediate level Russian.

Filip Ondrej

Ondřej studied Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University and University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (MBA). During his studies at Charles University, he started to work at IPEX a.s. Later he became Technical director and Member of board there. Ondřej has been CEO of the CZ.NIC association since December 2004. Along with his duties at CZ.NIC Ondřej serves on the boards of NIX.CZ (Neutral Internet Exchange), Euro-IX (European Internet Exchange Association) and DNS OARC (The Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Centre). He is a member of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group, which assists the Secretary General of United Nations in convening the Internet Governance Forum. He was a member of cons council (Country Code Names Supporting Organisation) at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and is now a member of important and prestigious Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC). In his free time, Ondřej likes playing basketball, travelling or programming of open source software. He speaks English and German fluently.

Fuchsova Regina

Regina Fuchsova works for EURid as the Regional Manager Central Europe since 2007. Prior to this she acted as a Deputy director for economic matters at CESNET, the Czech National Research and Education Network Operator. Prior to that she was involved in pre-accession projects of the EU at the Czech Ministry of Justice. She holds a PhD in economics and a master degree in law.

Kiselev Sergey

Sergey Kiselev who holds MSCS from MEPHI (a major Russian technical school) has joined MSK-IX as a Project Development Manager fall 2011. He has been working within telecom industry for over 14 years for a number of companies including such names as ORANGE, ADC, ISKRA. His dedication to work and result oriented approach received numerous recognitions.

Lendl Otmar

Otmar Lendl started to run Internet services in 1991 at the Computer Science department of Salzburg University. In 1997 he move to EUnet Austria
in Vienna where he saw the dot-com Boom and Bust as the Server Team Leader of KPNQwest Austria. In 2002 he moved to nic.at, working as a R&D Engineer focusing on standardization in the interconnection of VoIP and the PSTN. Since the founding of CERT.at in 2008 he acts as the team leader of the Austrian national computer emergency response team. As such, he also leads the technical team of the Austrian GovCERT.

Lennox Gordon

Most of his whole professional life he has involved computers and computer networks.  Early on he worked in medical physics and medical computing in the departments of neurosurgery and electrocardiology. Later he worked as an analyst and consultant in the Netherlands and in France. Over this period he designed and implemented real-time computer systems and he worked on informatics strategies, project management, development methodologies and information security.

For much of my career though he worked with the European Commission, in what was DG Information Society. He was involved in almost all aspects of the work - policy, research and regulation - and often with an international dimension. He has worked in the area of advanced network applications, particularly from the perspective of security and privacy. He has been heavily involved in Internet matters."

Michl Harald

Harald is in charge of the operational coordination of the Austrian Academic Computer Network ACOnet (http://www.aco.net) and the Vienna Internet eXchange VIX (http://www.vix.at). Harald is also an active participant of international workinggroups within RIPE and Euro-IX and the community of NREN operators. He is board member of Euro-IX since October 2013 and also one of the co-authors of the IXP-wishlist (https://www.euro-ix.net/ixp-wishlist), a document that defines features that should be supported by network-equipment for running an IXP.

Panigl Christian

Christian Panigl has been involved in the development and operation of the Austrian research network ACOnet (www.ACO.net) since 1986, starting at the University of Technology in Vienna, in the context of RARE and COSINE. In 1992, the whole ACOnet team and their responsibilities moved to the University of Vienna, joining forces with other international networking activities. Christian is in charge of the Vienna Internet eXchange (www.VIX.at) since its creation in 1996 and was also a founding member of the executive board of the Euro-IX.net association from 2001 to 2008. He has been formally leading the ACOnet & Vienna Internet eXchange division at the University of Vienna since 2008.

Semrad Martin

Martin Semrád has been involved in the Internet business since the year 1996. In 2000 he founded the company NETWAY.CZ, providing housing services and wireless internet access. His company became the member of NIX.CZ in 2004. He is also the founder and CEO of i-registry, .co.cz domain registry.  

In 2008 he was elected as the member of the Supervisory Board of NIX.CZ (the largest Neutral Internet eXchange in the Czech Republic) and in 2010 he became the Director of NIX.CZ where he is applying his rich experience from the Internet environment.

Slintak Martin

Martin graduated with a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Communication from the Department of Telecommunications at Brno University of Technology. Afterwards he worked at Alef nula, L.L.C., a Cisco Gold and Learning partner as a Cisco certified Internetworking Professional and Instructor for six years. Since 2006 Martin has been a system Engineer at Cisco system Inc. specializing in IP NGN, SP video, and application aware networking.

Stucchi Massimiliano

Massimiliano Stucchi is a trainer at the RIPE NCC. In his position he travels around the RIPE region to perform trainings on how to better use the resources assigned by his employer. In his past life he was CTO, founder and owner of an ISP/ITSP/WISP and also a consultant with experience ranging from web technologies to carrier-grade networking topics. He is vice president of the Italian FreeeBSD Users Group (GUFI), and in his spare time likes running and hiking around any possible mountain.

Vavrusa Marek

Marek has been working at the CZ.NIC Labs as an R&D software developer since 2011 on a new authoritative DNS server called Knot DNS, and DNS related work in general with a focus on how to make things lighter, faster and safer at the same time. Apart from work, he is pursuing a Master's from Bioinformatics at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno and enjoys anything from climbing to cycling in his spare time.

Weber Jan

Jan has been working for the Austrian telecom regulator's legal service for the last 14 years in the field of competition regulation. Principal working areas include the introduction of ISPs to local loop and broadband access offered by the fixed network incumbent, interconnection disputes between telco operators and electronic signatures. In recent years, Jan was also involved in NGA buildout as well as network security issues. In addition, Jan is a co-author of a book on telecom law.

Woeber Wilfried

Wilfried has started his involvement in IT and computer networks in 1974 at the University of Technology in Vienna, supporting the Physics Department. After moving through various roles and projects related to the establishement and operations of ACOnet, he moved to Vienna University, as part of the ACOnet - and then VIX - operations team. He has been involved in the establishment of the RIPE NCC and is a long-term Co-Chair of RIPE's Database Working Group. Since the establishment of ICANN,
he is a member of ICANN's Address Council, has been a participant in ICANN's Review Team 4 on 'whois' and has served two terms on ICANN's NomCom.

The CEE Peering Day Vienna 2014 conference was once again hosted by NIX.CZ and VIX.at. The conference was geared toward all network engineers, peering coordinators, Internet providers, cloud administrators, and data centre operators in Central and Eastern Europe. The programme included presentations by partners and sponsors of the conference, once again dedicating a sizeable space to social networks and peering.  

New in 2014: the unique opportunity to visit the RIPE workshop free of charge the day before the beginning of the CEE Peering Day Vienna 2014 conference. The official commencement of the CEE Peering Day Vienna 2014 conference begun on Monday evening in the Palais Niederösterreich main hall with a Social Evening and accompanying programme.

The hosts, partners and sponsors of the conference are very pleased for your visit and they are looking forward to meeting you again at the next year’s  CEE Peering Day.