RIPE NCC Tools & Measurements


The RIPE NCC not only distributes Internet number resources but also
provides tools such as RIPEstat for every user to look up the entries in
the RIPE Database and gather information on routing, DNS and other
important infrastructural aspects of the Internet.

Moreover, with RIPE Atlas, the RIPE NCC and the Internet community are
creating the biggest active Internet measurements network. This network
consists of small measurement probes that are freely distributed to
every user who wants to participate in the project.

This talk will highlight both RIPEstat and RIPE Atlas, showing how they
can be used to help with daily operations, and will provide insights on
how to leverage them for your business.

The CEE Peering Day Vienna 2014 conference was once again hosted by NIX.CZ and The conference was geared toward all network engineers, peering coordinators, Internet providers, cloud administrators, and data centre operators in Central and Eastern Europe. The programme included presentations by partners and sponsors of the conference, once again dedicating a sizeable space to social networks and peering.  

New in 2014: the unique opportunity to visit the RIPE workshop free of charge the day before the beginning of the CEE Peering Day Vienna 2014 conference. The official commencement of the CEE Peering Day Vienna 2014 conference begun on Monday evening in the Palais Niederösterreich main hall with a Social Evening and accompanying programme.

The hosts, partners and sponsors of the conference are very pleased for your visit and they are looking forward to meeting you again at the next year’s  CEE Peering Day.